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We are now training at Triangle Aikido, a genuine dojo at 4603 Hillsborough Rd, Durham 27705. Gil Fitts Sensei is teaching Tues and Thurs at 7pm and doing civilian clothes self defense and tactical studies on Saturdays 12:30pm.

We are excited to have this opportunity to continue study in collaboration with this Aikido community. All levels are welcome. We are following COVID Guidelines and look forward to safe maskless training as soon as feasible.

Dear Friends,

This is the beginning of our new website.  It is set up as a blog on and will be updated from time to time.

Please sign up at the bottom of the page for email updates and by the same token feel free to create your own comments or send video and photos to me at

Of course I need your help to make this successful.  And if you have experience with these type of website templates we are open to suggestions.


Gil Fitts, Sensei

Dojo Cho

Tenrokan Aikido Dojo