We are now training at Triangle Aikido, a genuine dojo at 4603 Hillsborough Rd, Durham 27705. Gil Fitts Sensei is teaching Tues and Thurs at 7pm and doing civilian clothes self defense and tactical studies on Saturdays 12:30pm.

We are excited to have this opportunity to continue study in collaboration with this Aikido community. All levels are welcome. We are following COVID Guidelines and look forward to safe maskless training as soon as feasible.

COVID 19 has create havoc world wide and has finally hit our place of training. The RTP Fitness Center where we have held classes for close to 18 years suddenly went out of business.  Our good friends – thanks to Aiki harmony – at Triangle Aikido in Durham have allowed us to store our mats at their dojo.  They too are unable to hold formal classes yet but stay tuned and stay safe.

Yukio Utada was awarded the rank of Shihan by the famed Gozo Shioda, founder of Yoshinkai Aikido.  For over 50 years Aikido and Samurai Arts have been his life’s work and he now heads the Doshinkan Aikido International.  Come join and explore with us his extraordinary insights into the arts.  His seminars work  for both absolute beginners and seasoned practitioners.  All styles and experience levels are welcome.

Dates – Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th – 2019

Time – 1:00pm to 6pm on Saturday, Sunday 9am -1pm

Place – Triangle Aikido Dojo, 4603G Hillsborough Rd, Durham, NC 27705

Costs – $100 for both days, $75 for Saturday, $50 for Sunday

Contact – Gil Fitts Sensei at tenrokan@gmail.com to register

Download the flyer !!Corrected Flyer PDF - 2019

Ever year in October our parent organization hosts a major event, the Doshinkan Aikido International.  This is the demonstration from our dojo last year.  Come join us for a weekend of total immersion in Aikido with instruction from Senseis across the country and our own incomparable Kancho – Yukio Utada.


If you ever suspected your professional life should have been spent playing golf or tennis and perhaps you’ve devoted too much time pursuing martial arts?  Well a trip like this will dispel any such notion.  You are part of a grand international Aikido community, a terrific fraternity of grand souls growing in Ueshiba’s paradoxical art.

We were invited to sail from Key West Florida to Havana Cuba and while there check out the local Aikido dojos.  Had no idea we would be treated like rock stars especially since the Aikido was really excellent. So I had to teach some of the aikijujitsu and tactical work just to have something different to share.

To Omar Lam Sensei and his wonderful students – Domo Arigato Gozaimatsu!

Here is a link with photos and video from the training sessions.



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The Seminar will be an introductory study of the Japanese weapon, the Samurai Sword. We will use the traditional wooden bokken to explore the tactics, strategy and philosophy of Samurai warriors.  This is an excellent opportunity for newcomers to the martial arts or for seasoned practitioners of non weapon based arts.

When – Sunday June 5th, 2016 from 1:30-4:30pm

Place – Trotter Building, 410 W. Geer Street, Durham, 27701

(Between Cocoa & Cinnamon and Cross Fit, corner of Geer and Foster)

Bring – Sincere Heart, Open Mind. Traditional Martial Arts uniform preferred but not necessary.  Bokken or unsharpened Iaido sword.  We will have extras for beginners.

Instructor – Sensei Gil Fits, 40 years of traditional and tactical martial arts experience

Email – tenrokan @ gmail. com (close spaces)

Costs – $40


Jacques Payet was a constant student and disciple of Yoshinkai Founder Gozo Shioda.  He is instrumental in translating Kancho Shioda’s writings into books like Shugyo.   Here is an example of a trained mind, trained body and superlative concepts.