Welcome to the start of the New Year. This is the time when we contemplate our dreams and plans for renewal and how to capitalize on the time and blessings we have received going into to the new year. Time is the great issue and our lives are akin to mere sparks as weighed against the perpetual energy of the stars.  Time is one of my favorite topics and so here are a few of my mostly non-original thoughts on the subject.
1) Any person who accomplished anything did it within the same 24 hours we are all given each day.
2) One percent of the day well spent can change your life. One percent is roughly 15 minutes and if devoted and consecrated to something meaningful will change your habits and in turn change your destiny – 15 minutes with sacred readings, 15 minute run, 15 minutes calling old friends, 15 minutes reading to your child, 15 minutes devoted to real dialog with your better half. One percent of your daily time well spent can change your life.
3) A quiet mind is like a clock in a thunderstorm. It keeps its own pace no matter the clash and clatter. The purpose of training is to develop the quiet mind.
Peace, Health and Prosperity to each of you. I would love to see each of you on the mats with us.  But if that is not to be,  find your own path and consecrate yourself to it…
Sensei Fitts