Aikido has taught me to focus on the four “C”s.
Courage, Concentration, Compassion and Consecration
Courage to face my doubts and procrastination,fears and worries, to enter the fray without hesitation when needed. Concentration to keep everyday activities focused on principles, and to draw upon the people and philosophies that provide strength. Compassion to express our true humanity, to be empathetic and of service. Consecration to understand within things small and those large beyond comprehension, Life itself is Holy and within every breath we can find worship and meaning…..


We are pleased to host a Summer Seminar with Aikido Shihan Yukio Utada.  Thanks to our friends at Triangle Aikido we will use their dojo on Hillsborough Road, June 8th and 9th.  There are more details on the flyer but this is open tAikido Summer Seminar -Utada Flyer 2014o all styles and levels of experience.Within our international group Yukio Utada is referred to as Kancho meaning head of the school or organization.  He is the quiet master, encyclopedic technician and a genuine embodiment of Aikido principles.

Please help us share the word and pass the info about this great opportunity to learn more about Aikido and how it applies to martial arts and life.


Download the Flyer Here – Aikido Flyer 2014


The Tenrokan Dojo is proud to announce our Annual Summer Seminar!

Utada Shihan who is the head of the Doshinkan Aikido International will be conducting a two day workshop.

All styles and levels are welcome.

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The Tenrokan is the Aikido dojo in Durham, NC affiliated with the Doshinkan Aikido International headed by Kancho Yukio Utada.

Not sure if I am more enamored with this quiet earnest pursuit of perfection or the fabulous production quality…

Jokingly we were discussing the connection between Aikido and the movies as I pointed out Obata Sensei played the villain in the Ninja Turtle Movies.

Well in life he’s very much the real deal.  This is a beautifully shot and edited video of his school in Oakland.  He studied originally under Gozo Shioda the founder of Yoshinkai Aikido and then branched off into traditional kenjutsu.

Click Here for the Video

The Doshinkan Aikido International annual event was held within the dojo this year. Spacing was definitely compressed but spirits were high.  In the past we have performed highly tactical and practical techniques so this year we focused aiki waza.

Vinesett Sensei and Fitts Sensei demonstrated basic kumitachi and then free style from grabs.

Tenrokan Demo at DAI 2013  

This amazing fight choreography is indeed rare – free fighting with bokkens.  The movie – Gohatto was controversial, indeed the name means taboo.  But this scene required tremendous skills to produce.

This summer we were sad to report the death of Amos Parker. We met briefly in Japan in 1984 and I was very impressed with his quiet demeanor and dignified bearing.  This was the highest ranking non Japanese in the aikido world with perhaps the exception of a few ‘self proclaimed’ super grand masters…

Amos Lee Parker (Born December 12, 1936. Died August, 20 2013) was an American aikido teacher. He is ranked 9th dan in Yoshinkan Aikido.

Amos Parker first came into contact with aikido in 1958 while a member of the US Navy on board the USS Bradford (DD-545). Another member of the crew, Signalman Hill, was demonstrating techniques and Amos was shocked at how easily Hill was able control him and others.

In 1962, Amos Parker received his orders to Japan and was deployed to the Yokosuka Naval Base. The Monday after his arrival he found an aikido dojo on base that was under the direction of Yukio Noguchi, 7th dan Yoshinkan Aikido. His training with Noguchi only lasted a couple of months as the latter accepted an invitation to teach aikido in Hawaii. Aikido classes were taken over by Kiyoyuki Terada, 10th dan. Amos Parker would spend the next 35 years training and teaching in Japan.

Amos Parker received his Shihan in 1986, making him tParkerSenseiAtSeimeikanhe first non-Japanese instructor to receive such an honor. In 1995, he received the rank of hachidan (8th dan) and in January 2010 he was awarded the rank of 9th dan by the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation making him the highest ranking non-Japanese Yoshinkan Aikido instructor in the world. Amos Parker is senior to many of the Japanese shihans and served as a presiding judge at several yearly embutaikai’s (demonstrations)